The mediastands system
for Rosneft

Client: Rosneft
Timing: 4 months
Year: 2019

In such companies of federal importance like Rosneft there always are changes that reach employees tardily. Rosneft is full of new information so it needed to solve this information-transfer challenge by creating corporate portal that would inform employees from different departments at real-time mode.

We've come up with a system of mediastands put all over the county as a decision. The stands share the same chane of content delivery. Each stand can work as both corporate broadcasting item and source of communication. With these stands you could find relevant information, news, weather reports as well as send a birthday greeting to an employee. Moreover, the system of mediastands is equipped with an interactive map showing the location of all company branches.

We've also created our special software - Repository, which contains information about the structure of the company and provides you with open database access.

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