Expocenter JSC «Technodinamika»

Client: JSC «Technidinamika»
Timing: 5 months
Year: 2021

Turn key creation of democenter

Objective: create a space in which the customer can present his products and projects to partners. The space should also be suitable for conferences, round tables, events. The Technodinamika's activity includes more than a hundred enterprises representing various industries.

1000 sq. m.

The concept of the exposition was born from the name of the holding itself - "Technologies in dynamics"

- Compilation of Soviet-era bas-reliefs in architecture, dedicated to aviation
- Many dynamic elements that work not only independently, but at some point synchronously, creating a special choreography of the space
- Virtual guide. At any place of the exposition, the guide, on a movable screen moving along the walls, can be next to the visitor and provide information on a specific issue
- Disappearing conference table
- Movable electrochromic glass for dividing space
- Automated control system from a tablet
- Show accents aimed at a particular area
- A real parachute launched by the air currents of a wind tunnel with projection mapping
- Simulator and flight simulator cockpit on a mobile platform

The reception desk at the entrance is stylized as a bomb. In a moment the bomb is divided into two parts, the lower one becomes a table top.
Visitors are greeted by a virtual guide which can travel with them to any point in the showroom and express information about all the exhibits.
The route of visiting the showroom starts from the left corner, where the aerodynamic installation is located, inflating the canopy of a real parachute. The panoramic screen shows a video of the parachute systems, synchronized with the movements of the parachute
Along the left corridor there is a gallery of models of aircraft and MLRS vehicles. The models are suspended from motorized winches and can change pitch, roll and pitch to match the content on a movable screen.
At the end of the left corridor visitors find a hydraulic platform that simulates flying in an aircraft. The design of the platform is made in the form of a two-seat futuristic aircraft.

The right side of the showroom begins with the installation of the "all-purpose gun". The cartridge belt of the gun is filled with ammunition of various calibers, any of which can be virtually loaded, manually aim the gun turret at a suitable target and hit it.
The middle of the right corridor is occupied by a 30-meter glass with life-size ammunition models.
The entire showroom is encircled by a single decorative element - a narrow slit with an illuminated bas-relief telling about Technodynamics and the history of technologies closely related to it.
The center of the showroom is occupied by a conference hall, with a transforming table for 30 seats, retractable to the ceiling. If necessary, the conference room can be closed from the main one by sliding out from the walls partitions made of smart glass, which changes its transparency.
A separate area is reserved for the parachute trainer. The gimbal system and VR headset allow you to try out different parachutes and experience the feeling of flying.
Special software for the tablet allows you to control all showroom systems: installations, lighting, launching various show scenarios.

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